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Triathlon Shoes: Our Top 5 Picks

How many triathlon shoes are sold every year? We don’t know but what we do know is that if you plan on competing for the Ironman Triathlon events, you better get a good pair of triathlon shoes. There are a couple of qualifying events happening all over the world and championships are going to be held in Kona, Hawaii, United States and Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. Trainings would be rigorous six months to a year from the said events. Part of the training is getting your gears ready such as the cycles, helmets, sports wears and your shoes. So we round up a list of suggestions for your triathlon shoes.

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Top 5 Triathlon Shoes

The list has been tested according to their flexgrooves, arch support, outsole, upper and midsole, and inner.

  1. Puma faas got the top spot. Just what you expect from a top sports brand. What the testers liked about these shoes is the one-piece FAASfoam midsole running the length of the shoe. Stability features are limited to a split heel and supportive mesh round the midfoot in the upper. It is a light and bouncy shoe which is better for faster runs. The overall verdict is that it is a plush, light and neutral shoe that favors the heel strikers.
  2. New Balance 870 v2 got the second spot all thanks to its ever lighter foams and less intrusive support features. Its Revlite foam does all the cushioning and a small split section of the highter density foam provides the medial support which favors the light overpronators. The overall verdict is that in New Balance 870 v2, you got yourself a light shoe for overpronators although you don’t get to have the fastest or most flexible feel when you wear these triathlon shoes.
  3. K-Swiss Blade Max Express is a natural running shoe with the midsole blades breaking up the line of the shoe all the way from heel to toe. On top of those sits is a solid layer of EVA – the Glide Guide which is designed to help your foot stay central to each step. The overall verdict for the K-Swiss Blade is that it is a fast-feeling, responsive cushioned shoe the upper fit lets it down.
  4. Not everyone is familiar with the Cloudster brand but its line of On’s is just right for newbies. The tubular Cloudtec lugs on the outsole compress on impact to give cushioning, and little teeth inside the tubes locks together for a soft push off. The overall verdict is that it is a low-priced shoe which is comfortable, bouncy, responsive and snug which is great for severe overpronators.
  5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 has its upper opened up for more breathability. Its arch support is un-intrusive and the smooth, rolling ride makes them a pleasure to run in. It is very well cushioned without sacrificing road feel. The overall verdict is that it is a supportive, smooth-rolling shoe with a snug feel which suits mild overpronators.

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