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Puma Shoes Mobium Elite: See Them Roar!

Mobium-Elite-Puma-ShoesPuma shoes is one of the products of Puma or Puma SE which is a brand known to be highly involved in supplying sports and athletic goods. The fastest man alive Usain Bolt wore his Puma shoes during his record-breaking run in Olympics both in 2008 and 2012 event.

Puma Shoes Fastest Forever

Puma shoes is one of the world’s leading sports brands, competing against major brands such as Adidas and Nike. The company’s core products are created with being the “Fastest Sports brand in the World” and “Fastest Forever” in mind. Their new tagline was launched this year 2014 to commemorate their 65 years of history making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet. Naming major sporting events such as NASCAR, Formula One, FIFA World Cup as some of the events Puma shoes and brands are highly involved in.

Innovations Featuring the Mobium Elite Puma Shoes


The Puma brand has embarked on the transition from a rebellious alternative that appealed to a niche consumer to a cool, globally relevant Sportslifestyle brand for a broader audience. Just this year, Puma launched it v2 of the Mobium Elite which was first launched Spring of 2013.

Mobium Elite Puma shoes introduces Puma’s latest breakthrough in running shoes. It is a part of the premier models called Adaptive Running collection. Its structure is designed to expand and contract along with the foot’s movement and follows with current trends in performance running shoes. This design encourages the runner to adopt a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike. The definitive element in this design is the Mobium Band. This is the Figure 8-shaped material that runs through the outsole to enhance the foot’s natural spring.

Sources say that Mobium is worth two years of research. It is designed as lightweight training shoes. And the Adaptive Running concept is a plus because it removes the feeling of sloppiness when you lift your foot. Compared to heavier training shoes, the heel cup is shallower. It does not matter though because everything just stays in place when you wear it.

The Mobium Elite v2 Puma Shoes

The Mobium Elite v2 has the midsole and outsole remain untouched as compared to the first version. The upper now features a unique mesh material that provides a more secure and comfortable fit.

Mobium Elite Puma shoes for men is available and for women as well. Most reviews say that it is better suited to neutral runners because of its minimal support but besides that, it’s a great shoe. The design is available in a range of colors such as blue, red and green.


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