Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers

There are articles for most expensive cars, jewelries, wig and other ridiculous stuff so why not come up with the a list of the top 5 most expensive sneakers?

We can all agree that when it comes to shoes Cinderella’s glass slippers are the most popular but not only is it fictitious but it is also fragile. Have you ever wondered what’s on the fairy godmother’s head when she wishy-washy waved her wand and came up with that footwear? Knowing she’ll have to leave by midnight, all the running required and what not? We may not have answered that one, but the sneakers on our list is made for a purpose. Nobody would dole out cash for nothing right? Or we might be wrong…

top 5 most expensive sneakers

Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers

1. Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1

The first on our top 5 most expensive sneakers is the Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1. The shoes is not expensive because of its superb material nor its long-lasting, speed-inducing, could-magically-transform-you-into-Michael Jordan qualities. It’s just a simple sneakers who happens to be autographed by Michael Jordan and was auctioned at Ebay.

Now, somewhere in this world, there’s someone with a serious admiration for his idol. Out of his admiration, he clicked that “bid” button and poof! He paid $60,000 for it! Now, what could $60,000 do? Let’s see… feed the homeless, donate to cancer research, build schools in Africa or change the world by just buying a pair of autographed shoes would do.

2. Nike Air Force One by Prryya & Chinatan’s Couture and Jewelry

Just when you thought that diamonds are girls best friend, we’re proven wrong again. Apparently there are men out there who thinks diamonds are their best friend too. What could the other reasons be for coming up with this sneakers. It landed second on our top 5 most expensive sneakers at $50,000. The sneakers featured gold and 11 carats of
diamond. Are you sure its safe to walk at night wearing it?

3. Autographed Kobe Air Zoom

What’s up with people and autographed stuff? It landed on our top 5 most expensive sneakers list for its price tag of $30,000. It is a limited edition sneakers. Nike thought that its fun that only 25 people around the world should enjoy it. It was signed by Kobe Bryant and was auctioned off.

4. Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks

Now we’re talking. What do you wear this for? It’s so flashy you could replace your headlights with it. These gold-dipped Nikes was sold at $5,405.

5. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris”

With only 202 pairs in circulation, you can purchase a pair at $3,500. Unless it already sold out, we’ve guessed that it will be revalued at a higher price.

There are rumors out there that Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2 could retail for $89,100 but we did not include it in our top 5 most expensive sneakers list. Not yet, not until we see the receipt. Sorry Yeezus!

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