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Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers

There are articles for most expensive cars, jewelries, wig and other ridiculous stuff so why not come up with the a list of the top 5 most expensive sneakers?

We can all agree that when it comes to shoes Cinderella’s glass slippers are the most popular but not only is it fictitious but it is also fragile. Have you ever wondered what’s on the fairy godmother’s head when she wishy-washy waved her wand and came up with that footwear? Knowing she’ll have to leave by midnight, all the running required and what not? We may not have answered that one, but the sneakers on our list is made for a purpose. Nobody would dole out cash for nothing right? Or we might be wrong…

top 5 most expensive sneakers

Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers

1. Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1

The first on our top 5 most expensive sneakers is the Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1. The shoes is not expensive because of its superb material nor its long-lasting, speed-inducing, could-magically-transform-you-into-Michael Jordan qualities. It’s just a simple sneakers who happens to be autographed by Michael Jordan and was auctioned at Ebay.

Now, somewhere in this world, there’s someone with a serious admiration for his idol. Out of his admiration, he clicked that “bid” button and poof! He paid $60,000 for it! Now, what could $60,000 do? Let’s see… feed the homeless, donate to cancer research, build schools in Africa or change the world by just buying a pair of autographed shoes would do.

2. Nike Air Force One by Prryya & Chinatan’s Couture and Jewelry

Just when you thought that diamonds are girls best friend, we’re proven wrong again. Apparently there are men out there who thinks diamonds are their best friend too. What could the other reasons be for coming up with this sneakers. It landed second on our top 5 most expensive sneakers at $50,000. The sneakers featured gold and 11 carats of
diamond. Are you sure its safe to walk at night wearing it?

3. Autographed Kobe Air Zoom

What’s up with people and autographed stuff? It landed on our top 5 most expensive sneakers list for its price tag of $30,000. It is a limited edition sneakers. Nike thought that its fun that only 25 people around the world should enjoy it. It was signed by Kobe Bryant and was auctioned off.

4. Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks

Now we’re talking. What do you wear this for? It’s so flashy you could replace your headlights with it. These gold-dipped Nikes was sold at $5,405.

5. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris”

With only 202 pairs in circulation, you can purchase a pair at $3,500. Unless it already sold out, we’ve guessed that it will be revalued at a higher price.

There are rumors out there that Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2 could retail for $89,100 but we did not include it in our top 5 most expensive sneakers list. Not yet, not until we see the receipt. Sorry Yeezus!


Triathlon Shoes: Our Top 5 Picks

How many triathlon shoes are sold every year? We don’t know but what we do know is that if you plan on competing for the Ironman Triathlon events, you better get a good pair of triathlon shoes. There are a couple of qualifying events happening all over the world and championships are going to be held in Kona, Hawaii, United States and Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. Trainings would be rigorous six months to a year from the said events. Part of the training is getting your gears ready such as the cycles, helmets, sports wears and your shoes. So we round up a list of suggestions for your triathlon shoes.

triathlon shoes

Top 5 Triathlon Shoes

The list has been tested according to their flexgrooves, arch support, outsole, upper and midsole, and inner.

  1. Puma faas got the top spot. Just what you expect from a top sports brand. What the testers liked about these shoes is the one-piece FAASfoam midsole running the length of the shoe. Stability features are limited to a split heel and supportive mesh round the midfoot in the upper. It is a light and bouncy shoe which is better for faster runs. The overall verdict is that it is a plush, light and neutral shoe that favors the heel strikers.
  2. New Balance 870 v2 got the second spot all thanks to its ever lighter foams and less intrusive support features. Its Revlite foam does all the cushioning and a small split section of the highter density foam provides the medial support which favors the light overpronators. The overall verdict is that in New Balance 870 v2, you got yourself a light shoe for overpronators although you don’t get to have the fastest or most flexible feel when you wear these triathlon shoes.
  3. K-Swiss Blade Max Express is a natural running shoe with the midsole blades breaking up the line of the shoe all the way from heel to toe. On top of those sits is a solid layer of EVA – the Glide Guide which is designed to help your foot stay central to each step. The overall verdict for the K-Swiss Blade is that it is a fast-feeling, responsive cushioned shoe the upper fit lets it down.
  4. Not everyone is familiar with the Cloudster brand but its line of On’s is just right for newbies. The tubular Cloudtec lugs on the outsole compress on impact to give cushioning, and little teeth inside the tubes locks together for a soft push off. The overall verdict is that it is a low-priced shoe which is comfortable, bouncy, responsive and snug which is great for severe overpronators.
  5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 has its upper opened up for more breathability. Its arch support is un-intrusive and the smooth, rolling ride makes them a pleasure to run in. It is very well cushioned without sacrificing road feel. The overall verdict is that it is a supportive, smooth-rolling shoe with a snug feel which suits mild overpronators.

See the full list of this year’s best triathlon shoes:


Puma Shoes Mobium Elite: See Them Roar!

Mobium-Elite-Puma-ShoesPuma shoes is one of the products of Puma or Puma SE which is a brand known to be highly involved in supplying sports and athletic goods. The fastest man alive Usain Bolt wore his Puma shoes during his record-breaking run in Olympics both in 2008 and 2012 event.

Puma Shoes Fastest Forever

Puma shoes is one of the world’s leading sports brands, competing against major brands such as Adidas and Nike. The company’s core products are created with being the “Fastest Sports brand in the World” and “Fastest Forever” in mind. Their new tagline was launched this year 2014 to commemorate their 65 years of history making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet. Naming major sporting events such as NASCAR, Formula One, FIFA World Cup as some of the events Puma shoes and brands are highly involved in.

Innovations Featuring the Mobium Elite Puma Shoes


The Puma brand has embarked on the transition from a rebellious alternative that appealed to a niche consumer to a cool, globally relevant Sportslifestyle brand for a broader audience. Just this year, Puma launched it v2 of the Mobium Elite which was first launched Spring of 2013.

Mobium Elite Puma shoes introduces Puma’s latest breakthrough in running shoes. It is a part of the premier models called Adaptive Running collection. Its structure is designed to expand and contract along with the foot’s movement and follows with current trends in performance running shoes. This design encourages the runner to adopt a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike. The definitive element in this design is the Mobium Band. This is the Figure 8-shaped material that runs through the outsole to enhance the foot’s natural spring.

Sources say that Mobium is worth two years of research. It is designed as lightweight training shoes. And the Adaptive Running concept is a plus because it removes the feeling of sloppiness when you lift your foot. Compared to heavier training shoes, the heel cup is shallower. It does not matter though because everything just stays in place when you wear it.

The Mobium Elite v2 Puma Shoes

The Mobium Elite v2 has the midsole and outsole remain untouched as compared to the first version. The upper now features a unique mesh material that provides a more secure and comfortable fit.

Mobium Elite Puma shoes for men is available and for women as well. Most reviews say that it is better suited to neutral runners because of its minimal support but besides that, it’s a great shoe. The design is available in a range of colors such as blue, red and green.


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Athletic Shoes: Right Fit for the Right Feet

Athletic shoesAthletic shoes have different types and knowing that will help you get the right one for yourself. Getting shoes is as personal as it could get. It is not a “one size fits all” party.

Most people would only consider shoe size as the only factor in buying shoes only to end up having sore feet after using it for just a couple of hours. The truth is what we use it for and the mold of our feet matters when buying athletic shoes.

There are people who are flat-footed while others have arches that arch more than the others. Most stores offering athletic shoes conduct a simple and short test to determine what shoes a customer needs. It’s so simple its just like a walk in the park because literally, they just make you walk then run.

Determine What Athletic Shoes You Need

Neutral Shoes

Foot that needs neutral athletic shoes are foot that needs no additional support in their footwear through the running “gait” cycle (in biomechanics, the Gait Cycle is when one foot makes contact with the ground, and ends when the same foot makes contact with the ground again). The shoes offer little to no stability to the foot.

Characteristic of neutral shoes is either it has no structure or it offers a small degree of help to the placement of the foot. Neutral shoes are best for people with high arches. Neutral shoes have softer midsoles and are more flexible which could inhibit natural pronation.

Stability Shoes

Additional support feature are added to the design of stability athletic shoes. The design of the shoes is such to prevent injury and promote good core movement which complements the runners own running style. Stability shoes are for people who are called over pronators. Most flat-footed people are over pronators, they need more support from the shoes as their arches could not provide the support the foot needs during the Gait Cycle.

Other Types of Athletic Shoes

Lightweight Shoes

Lightweight athletic shoes are for athletes who needs speed, flexibility and agility. This type of shoes is suitable for competition and faster training on road and tracks. Unlike the neutral and stability shoes, lightweight shoes have less cushioning to keep up with its lightweight specifications.

Minimal Shoes

Minimal shoes or minimalist athletic shoes are low-profile shoes and could be under lightweight shoes. It offers its users a barefoot feel. Although it offers more agility, it is not the usual choice for runners because it offers fewer cushions.

Motion Control Shoes

Motion control athletic shoes offer maximum control, stability, and support. This type of shoes is best for over and severe pronators. The design features all the support over and severe pronators need.

Test for Pronation to Know What Type of Athletic Shoes You Need

To test your foot’s pronation, you can perform a simple wet test. Wet your foot and step onto any flat surface that allows you to see your footprint. A paper bag or construction paper would do. Check out this article on Pronation and Wet Test.

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